About Us

To Reconnect & Recharge

We, being social people think that we can do so many thing at a time, love to socialize, entertainments, do multitasking etc and modern technology has helped to make our life much easier, specially on communication and on usage of five senses fully without leaving any space to reboots or recharge. City dwellers biggest complains these days would be “NO TIME”, “WORK PRESSURE”, “BATTERY LOW” , end of the day back home, first thing we do is to recharge the phone than recharge anything else. In our present mentality, phone is the most important aspect in our life than anything else. Is that so?
Are we not forgetting to recharge ourselves? Many of us might say, no!, we do no forget to recharge ourselves because we go out with friends after work & have lot of fun, go for holidays and enjoy our time. These activities are good for short terms, not for long because we are still not fully disconnected from those mental stresses yet. For an example, we go to bar or restaurant, first thing we do after getting the table is to check for new feeds and check in and go on and on with commenting on social media. As long as our phones are on, we can never be able to disconnect from mental stress either from work or peer pressure, they keep feed on our head. So, what do we do something else differently? One of the best solution is to “BACK TO THE NATURE”.
Switch off everything, go back to nature, be with nature, do nothing else which you do everything. This is how your recharge yourself!!!